The Bar-Club

Chiang Dao’s Club  or Samoson Chiang Dao exists since 2008.
It has been created by Khun Tai by Wang Chom Market and was then a small bamboo hut with a few seats.


Khun Tai's Bar during the day
Khun Tai’s Bar Today
Work and perseverance being Khun Tai’s leitmotiv, her talent, kindness and professionalism, the place started rapidly to be too small for a fast expanding clientele.
Rapidly Khun Tai needed a bigger place for the club. She created a second bigger club in front of PTT gas station, the first one being saturated.
A couple of years later, once again, Khun Tai needed to move to a bigger place, due to the success, atmosphere, and Khun Tai’s openness, welcoming and friendliness.


With the help of good professional friends, Khun Tai designed what is today’s Samoson Chiang Dao.
chiang Dao’s club consists of a small bar (needs to be bigger, I think) a covered terrace allowing 16 to 20 seats and 2 side terraces allowing another 30 seats +.


Khun Tai's bar today
Khun Tai’s Bar by day
Backed by Nong Nam, whose polyvalence helps Khun Tai a great deal. Nong Nam serves in the terraces, at the bar, cooks, cleans the dishes and does even some dee-jay-ing.